Adam Harwood’s new book, Christian Theology, and my response to an uncharitable reviewer

Adam Harwood of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary has written a very helpful and insightful and good systematic theology that I would like to recommend. I do not normally do this, but I was a bit irritated by one negative review (not, I hasten to add, because it was negative—it’s a free country!—but because of the nature of the reviewer’s arguments) so I posted a bit of a review/response here.  Harwood’s books is a great contribution to Baptist systematics. I’d encourage you to get a copy!

1 thought on “Adam Harwood’s new book, Christian Theology, and my response to an uncharitable reviewer

  1. Reading the “war of reviews” on Amazon borders on commercial comedy at the expense of somebody. Sadly this may ward off buyers of a work that many would do well to have in one place as a reference to go with their bible and not expect a definitive and also exhaustive treatment on any one area of human interest for as the last “word” or utterance from the Apostle John (John 21:25 & the Amen) should sober up any and all theologians, congregations and gatherings anywhere on the planet who worship God in Spirit & in Truth. Little Frederick Lehman’s Hymn, third stanza of The Love Of God, sums it up about as good as any mere mortal might. Happy somebody spoke up but alas for many of us one hymn sung well might do more good in 5 minutes than all the reviewers and theological “word wars” ever might do when God breaks through to the one He is touching then & there; Christ Jesus can touch a person or a baby for eternal purposes; Repentance with REAL humility is what we need desperately in light of His Miraculous gifts/touch/action. 🙂

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