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The Fall 2022 issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology came out yesterday. The issue is dedicated to the legacy of James Leo Garrett Jr., the late Southwestern Seminary theologian. It consists largely of the papers presented at the 2021 meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society in Forth Worth, Texas. My own presentation is in the journal. Check it out here if you feel so inclined.

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  1. Stunningly clear even for some of us “laity”; took me a long, long time to get through the article due to ignorance of some “technical” theology terms/words and/or historical gaps in my learning but stunning piece of clear writing; in all 32 pages there was only about three sentences that did not seem clear or make sense even after much time and pondering but overall if there is a mere human who can write better, hire him fast. The proposed history of doctrine in Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and Protestant traditions is one area me has wondered about all my days esp. the E. O. traditions; such a work will be too much too late for some of us old guys but what a great idea. Just a wee bit of selfish digression, for johnboy, Dispensationalism writings and Landmarkism both about ruined me 🙂 go Wym!!

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