Quarantine Theology


[watch] Episode 10 / February 9, 2021—In Memory of James Leo Garrett Jr. / Wyman Richardson interviewed by Nicholas Noyola

[listen] Episode 9 / December 14, 2020—Early Christian Art and the Alexamenos Graffito with Dr. Felicity Harley of Yale Divinity School

[listen] Episode 8 / June 6, 2020—A Week in the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman: A Conversation with Dr. Holly Beers of Westmont College

[listen] Episode 7 / May 27, 2020—The Church Fathers: A Conversation with Dr. Christopher Hall of Renovare

[listen] Episode 6 / May 8, 2020—The Old Testament and the Church: A Conversation with Dr. Kenneth Mathews of Beeson Divinity School

[listen] Episode 5 / May 1, 2020—Epistemology and Interpretation: A Conversation with Dr. Brandon J. O’Brien of Redeemer City to City

[listen] Episode 4 / April 20, 2020—Christian Heritage: A Conversation with Dr. Karen Bullock of the B.H. Carroll Theological Institute

[listen] Episode 3 / April 9, 2020—He Descended to the Dead: A Conversation with Dr. Matthew Emerson of Oklahoma Baptist University

[listen] Episode 2 / March 28, 2020—The Holy Spirit: A Conversation with Dr. Malcolm Yarnell of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

[listen] Episode 1 / March 23, 2020—When Doctrine Divides the People of God: A Conversation with Dr. Rhyne Putman of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary