“Baptist Postures toward Francis of Assisi”

On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, I presented my paper, “Baptist Postures toward Francis of Assisi” at the annual meeting of the Baptist History and Heritage Society in Raleigh, NC. I am not posting the article here as I need to clean it up a bit and as I am submitting it for possible publication to a journal. However, I did want to post the audio here.

The paper would have taken me 45 minutes to read aloud as it stands and I had 25 minutes to present. So please forgive the rushed nature of this.

2 thoughts on ““Baptist Postures toward Francis of Assisi”

  1. Me can only hope to see the full text of your appreviated “talk” as some of the journal entries are for paying/subscribing members only. Had it not been for some of those little “c” catholic writings me would not likely have survived to my 8th decade. St Francis along with several others provided both a challenge to conventional paths so common in the tumult of the 70s and also a way to see a much larger and wider view of mercy and grace than is commonly understood. Thank you for sharing the audio and it must really annoy some that we can “strip away” all the historical non-sense and consider the simplicity of the man which at times appears in writing by others as almost dumb, blind passion which might be the case in some respects but it is also true he sought to “be” like Jesus with what he had/knew at the time which is vastly beyond me at least. 🙂 Thank you

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