Dr. Mark W. Graham of Grove City College

I was happy recently to come across a video of a friend of mine. Dr. Mark W. Graham is a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Mark and I met almost thirty years ago in a Latin class at The University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. We became quick friends and, though our paths have gone in different directions, I still try to keep up with Mark. Mark is one of the smartest guys I have ever met. And he is a dear brother in Christ. I was happy to find this video. It is a great and insightful conversation.

One thought on “Dr. Mark W. Graham of Grove City College

  1. Thanks for sharing this; lot of very interesting tidbits from church history; esp. liked his view of “Dispensationalism” and mention of his migration from his own background to a fuller, wider view of the church. He makes a lot of great remarks & suggestions about how to proceed and what to do now for common folk like us. Appreciate the perspective he brings to the context of what was for some of us years of mis-guided well intentioned trends. Some folk have strong minds & steady or level headed determination in seeking truth which is so helpful for some measure of clarity.

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