1 thought on “Last Week’s Sermon Audio (no manuscript)

  1. First time me ever did hear a “Thanksgiving Message” from Jonah; how very special is that? Well, well, my my, oh me, oh my, my, my what a Savior weins has!!!!!!! Some of us learn slow, painfully so but alas, it fits well to have the modern capacity to listen, pause, back up, listen again until you “get it” which in some ways started way back with ye ole wire recorder long, long before me came along. Thank you for a clear, basic way to present a deep truth that challenges the smartest and toughest among us as well as helping those who are young and simple minded can follow too. Some of us and perhaps many of us ONLY learn by the old idea of “rote” or doing the same thing a 100 times before you get it right and even then it seems like 99 others moved on before you get there and alas, you end up playing catch up in an almost non-stop effort just to find “par” for the course and then, behold a wind takes your score card down range and you just come home with no proof you even finished the game and somebody steals your clubs while you went in the store on the way home. The fate of nations occasionally is decided on a golf course. Go figure. Thank you Dr. Richardson for being you. 🙂

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