Vision Reset


Last Sunday was my ten-year anniversary as the pastor at Central Baptist Church. It has been an amazing ten years and Roni, Hannah, and I love Central so very much. I had been thinking for some months about what I wanted to use the occasion to say and I decided to do a kind of vision reset. I expressed in the sermon what I believe the way forward for our church is in the midst of these difficult days and beyond. We remain committed to our 4 Canons (to be “an authentic family around the whole gospel for the glory of God and the reaching of the nations”) but these three paths forward constitute emphases arising from our canons that I believe we need to pay special attention to at this time and, again, beyond. The first sermon is an introduction that lays out the three emphases. The next three sermons will flesh each of these emphases out a bit more fully. I will be updating this post each week for the next three weeks to include the whole series here. Below is the first sermon.

Vision Reset, Sermon #1, Introduction [video]

Vision Reset, Sermon #2, A House of Prayer [video]

Vision Reset, Sermon #3, Evangelism [video]

Vision Reset, Sermon #4, Discipleship [video]

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