An interesting observation in Adam Harwood’s review of John MacArthur’s systematic theology


I was given a copy of MacArthur and Mayhue’s book but have not read it yet. However, I just noted the following interesting observation in Adam Harwood’s review of it:

Who is the author? The cover lists two general editors, MacArthur and Mayhue. However, neither the table of contents nor the individual chapters provide the names of any authors. Instead, this sentence appears in the preface, “Our Master’s Seminary colleagues Dr. Bill Barrick, Dr. Nathan Busenitz, Dr. Jim Mook, Dr. Bryan Murphy, Dr. Michael Vlach, and Professor Michael Riccardi supported us by producing drafts of several sections” (27). It seems this volume is similar in composition to the 2003 publication by the Dallas Theological Seminary Faculty edited by Swindoll and Zuck titled Understanding Christian Theology. That volume, however, was comprised of chapters with named authors. It is somewhat confusing to see the names of two general editors listed on a volume with no other attestation of authorship. If MacArthur and Mayhue are the general editors, then why not list the authors? If the reason is that the work is attributed primarily to MacArthur and Mayhue, then why not refer to them as the authors, while including the line of thanks in the preface for the contributions of others?

This is curious indeed, is it not? I do not say that to suggest that there is anything underhanded about it, just simply that it seems odd. As a lover of books, things like this give me pause indeed.

That is all.

Carry on.

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