Karl Josef Friedrich’s Rachoff

8bd596620fc0be671918eada2daff0a3It was only recently that I heard the name “Rachoff.”  Rachoff was a Russian Christian who had a powerful vision of Jesus that led him to make a radical break with the comfortable life he had previously known.  In its place, he devoted himself to the cause of Christ with complete abandon.  There are lots of similarities here with the story of Francis of Assisi.  Both made a radical and controversial break with their past lives.  Both took the words of Jesus very literally.  Both were beloved by the poor and despised by many of the wealthy and powerful.  Both rejected efforts by well-meaning disciples to adore or exalt them.  Both saw themselves as utterly dependent upon Jesus.

I was thrilled to see that Plough Publishing offers for free Karl Josef Friedrich’s little biography of Rachoff as an ebook.  If you would like to read something that is very inspiring and that will challenge you where you are in your walk with Jesus, download the book and read it.  It’s a truly amazing story.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story and clearly it is a challenge to most of us “spoiled” Americans who often think more or bigger is better when often in history it is the common and hard tasks that changes a community albeit slowly and through much toil and adversity. It sure is NOT a story of how to have the best here & now. Thank you Dr. Richardson for sharing a narrative of how God is working in other places and times besides here in the USA. We are prone to a myopic view of The Kingdom. This was helpful and appreciated.

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