Mark Dever’s Discipling

41QnGBxrsYL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Mark Dever’s Discipling is another publication in Crossway’s 9Marks series of books that serve as primers to the nine marks as outlined in Dever’s ministry:  preaching, biblical theology, the gospel, conversion, evangelism, membership, discipline, discipleship, leadership.  This is, like all of the books in this series, a small book but one that is rich in content.  This will likewise be a relatively brief review.  In short, Discipling is a winsomely written, very accessible, well-organized introduction to the meat and potatoes of building disciples, which Dever helpfully and memorably defines as “deliberately doing spiritual good to someone so that he or she will be more like Christ” (Kindle Locations 140-141).

I greatly appreciated the conversational tone of the book.  It would be a great book to take a small group through in church.  I also appreciated the pastoral care with which Dever offers practical steps to help church members build relationships and nurture others to Christlikeness.  Jonathan Leeman’s concluding work in the book was especially helpful.  In all, a very good, very helpful little work on an extremely important topic.  Highly recommended.

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