“The Obsolete Man” (The Twilight Zone – June 2, 1961)

2 thoughts on ““The Obsolete Man” (The Twilight Zone – June 2, 1961)

  1. Wyman, if books make us “obsolete,” then you and I, my friend, have no hope.

    Aha ha.

    I have never seen this. Quite interesting. I am reminded of The day I stood at the Brandenberg Gate in Berlin where Hitler burned books by the thousands. Surely it is a great evil when any government suppresses free speech in the name of its own doctrine. Whenever the state rules by edict (based on popular sentiment) and not rationale thought, good men will be called bad and bad men will be called good.

    • Thanks so much for this Charles. We were watching a Twilight Zone marathon yesterday and this episode came on. I had seen it before but had not thought of it in a while. As I watched it it struck me as particularly poignant and powerful.

      Hope you are well!

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