Preben Vang and Terry Carter’s Telling God’s Story

In the Fall of 2013, I taught a Ouachita University extension class surveying the Bible.  The textbook was Telling God’s Story, by Ouachita professors Preben Vang and Terry Carter.  This will be a simple and short review.  Simply put:  this is a very well done basic introduction to the Bible.  The students in the class really benefited from it, as did I.

Vang and Carter work through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, summarizing the contents and theology of the books.  Along the way, they ably address the pertinent issues and questions that arise from the text.  Again, it is a solid evangelical introduction that I highly recommend for anybody or any group wanting an accessible tool that will help them grasp the big picture of the Bible.  It is general enough to be useful for the beginning student, but addresses enough specific issues that it will be helpful for those who already have at least a rudimentary grasp of the Bible as well.

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    • Hey Bruce. The Walking Together book/workbooks can be gotten through the Wipf & Stock website or, I believe, Amazon. On Earth As It Is In Heaven can be gotten through the Founder’s Ministry bookstore. Hope that helps!

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