A New Look for Walking Together Ministries

I’ve been blogging for some years now. For quite a while I blogged at “The Y Blog.” Then, almost four years ago, my friend Tyler Jones of SystemTrends graciously designed the former Walking Together Ministries website complete with a number of distinct pages containing different information and content, of which the blog was one.

Now, after a good bit of thought about the need to simplify my life, I’ve decided to embrace a more simple web presence. I began trying to simplify things by getting off of Facebook some months ago. Concerning my web presence I’ve now gone full-circle from a blog to a website and now back to a blog, albeit a uniquely formatted one.

Don’t let the new design throw you.  It’s really quite simple:  the categories on this page contain most of the content of the old site in easily accessible sections.  As I add to each category, the newest post title will be visible at the top.  The second category, this one, will serve as my general blog.  The major difference between this site and the last is the switch to being primarily text driven and the minimalist style of simply having linked post titles instead of images and post intros on the main page.  I’ve gotten used to it and I like it a lot.  I hope you will too!

My twitter feed is in the right column and my publications are beneath it.

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