Joe Savage’s More of God, More of Me

For the last six weeks, our church has been working through Joe Savage’s wonderful study on the Holy Spirit, More of God, More of Me.  Dr. Savage kicked off the study by speaking at our church, and his written words have proven to be as engaging, effective, helpful, and encouraging as his preached words.

More of God, More of Me is is a 40-day study on the Holy Spirit that presents a basic theology of the Spirit with a keen eye towards the practical submission of the believer to the Spirit’s guidance and filling.  I have found the book (and I believe our church has found the book) to be balanced and appropriately challenging.  As we’ve been gathering in small groups each week and discussing the material, it’s become increasingly clear to me that Dr. Savage has produced an extremely effective tool here that any church would likely benefit from studying.  The material has provoked a great deal of insightful and helpful discussion, and it has struck just the right chord with our church.

Baptists often seem to have a woefully inadequate approach to the Holy Spirit, varying from neglect to excessive preoccupation.  Because of this, balanced and biblical material on the Spirit is most helpful.  To this end, Joe Savage’s book must be judged a great success.

This book is well worth the cost and time.  Highly recommended!

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