“Superiority” and other pastoral…um…traits?!

If only I was making this up.

I noticed the following classified ad today in the latest Christianity Today.

“SENIOR PASTOR – First Congregational, a non-denominational 500 active member church, seeks a senior pastor who is evangelical, homiletically superior, and a visionary with a servant’s heart.” [emphasis mine]

Which raises a few questions, like…

1.  To what?

2.  If he thinks he is, do you really want him?

3.  If he’s convinced he’s not, will he respond to this ad?

4.  If he thinks he may be but is afraid he’ll be struck by lightning for suggesting so, should he respond…or does it just means he thinks God is a bit more superior?

5.  Does saying, “Well, I don’t think I am, but my friends all tell me…” count as superiority, or humility, or confusion?

6.  Is this the missing beatitude?

and, lastly

7.  TO WHAT?!

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