My Great Grandaddy, Hamp Richardson

I’ve recently had an opportunity to scan a picture of the 1901 Sumter (S.C.) baseball team.  My Great Grandaddy, Wade Hampton “Hamp” Richardson, was the pitcher.

People often ask me if I’m related to Bobby Richardson, the N.Y. Yankee great.  I am.  My Great Grandaddy was Bobby’s uncle.  Wade Hampton’s brother, Robert Richardson, was Bobby’s Dad.  So Bobby and my grandad are first cousins which makes Bobby my 3rd cousin.  We had Bobby come preach at our church a few years ago and I asked him if he had any memories of his Uncle Hamp, my Great Grandaddy.  Regrettably, he did not.

Regardless, there seems to have been some baseball talent in my family…but it all stopped with Bobby!

Anyway, I love this picture.  My Great Grandad is on the back row of the group photo, second from the right.  He’s number 13.  My Grandaddy wrote in the book that his dad (“Papa”) was the pitcher and, to quote my Grandaddy, “A mighty good pitcher he was!”


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