Shame on you, Wiley!

Wiley Drake, a former VP of the SBC, has applauded the murder of abortionist George Tiller and apparently is hoping that God will strike our President as well.  As Wade Burleson points out, Dwight McKissic is calling on the Southern Baptist Convention to censure Drake.

If any kind of resolution along these lines comes before the Convention, I will be voting for it.  Regardless, here is my censure.

Wiley Drake is, to many of us, a kind of Convention oddity:  a man who loves the microphone, loves bringing resolutions to the floor, and who, amazingly, was elected VP of the Convention.  But I can assure anybody who doesn’t know the SBC that Drake was elected because, at the time, he was seen as a funny, quirky, slightly irritating, but somewhat charming man who’s indefatigable microphone antics on the floor of the SBC over the course of many years had earned him a pat on the back.

He was not elected for his mind.  And these kinds of comments were not known (to me anyway) when he was elected.

But this is too much, and is not representative of the SBC, despite what non-SBC folks probably think (and, thanks to Drake, will continue to think).

I’m a Baptist by conviction.  I oppose abortion and think it should be made illegal.  I run in these circles.  It’s where I live and breathe.  But I have never heard anybody call for or defend the murder of an abortionist.  On the contrary, the vast majority of pro-life folks I know feel that murder is precisely the problem and not the answer.

As for praying for the death of our President, words fail.  I disagree with our President and frequently pray that God will convict him over this or that.  But what Wiley has done here is absurd and obscene.

Shame on you Wiley.  Step away from the microphone.

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