Ronald MacDonald’s From a Northern Window: A Personal Reminiscence of George MacDonald by His Son

This book, subtitled “A Personal Reminiscence of George MacDonald by His Son”, was penned by George Macdonald’s seventh child (he had 11 in all) in 1911. This Sunrise publication marks its first appearance in America. It is, in all, a remarkable and moving account of the life of a man deeply loved by many Christians today.

Ever since C.S. Lewis paid homage to George MacDonald with his MacDonald anthology and oft-repeated debt of gratitude, Christians the world over have helped what must surely be called one of the great literary revival stories of the last many years. MacDonald’s works have been “updated” and widely marketed by Michael Phillips, among others, and the Christian community seems to be drinking deeply from the rich well of MacDonald’s Christian imagination. This can only be seen as a positive thing.

The appeal of MacDonald’s life and writings can be vividly seen in his son Ronald’s account. He presents his father as a man for whom Christianity was of paramount importance. He speaks movingly of his father’s integrity and personality and devotion to his calling from God. The age of this book makes it, at times, a difficult read, and his son refers to many of his father’s titles and poems that the casual reader may not know. But the reader will certainly be encouraged and inspired by the life of this truly great man. I would, by all means, encourage you to read this book.

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