Jay Adams’ Godliness Through Discipline

Godliness Through Discipline is an ABC type of booklet on how and why Christians need structured discipline in their lives. It is elementary reading, in the best sense of the word, and will benefit the new and the life-long believer alike.

Jay Adams here contends that structured discipline is the greatest way to freedom in a Christian’s life. He speaks specifically of the need to develope a disciplined habit of Bible reading and prayer. Through the use of illustrations, Adams shows us that nothing good is accomplished without practice, the forming of positive habits, and discipline.

While reading this book I was struck by how effectively Adams communicated his thesis. His language is basic, simple, and powerful. It is also very compelling.

This would be a tremendous resource to give to a new believer or to that believer who has so over-mystified the Christian experience that he has spiritually paralyzed himself. Adam’s call is for simple obedience, and herein lies its strength.

Yet Adams is not saying here that the sum total of our Christian experience is reading our Bibles everyday and praying. Spirituality transcends good habits. He repeats throughout that a contrite and converted heart and, especially, God’s grace is needed in order for us to move towards godliness.

Reading this little booklet was a pleasure. I foresee myself returning to it time and again when I need to be reminded that sometimes obedience is truly a simple matter.

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