Calvin Miller’s The Singer

It would be nearly impossible to say too many good things about The Singer. It is a truly wonderful, beautiful, and soul stirring work. It is all the more exciting, then, that InterVarsity Press has decided to publish a 25th anniversary edition this year. The new addition has just barely reached store shelves and we can hope that they fly off of them at a very rapid pace.

This new edition has a newly designed cover, newly submitted comments from a whole host of Christian writers about what The Singer has meant to them (Phil Yancey, Max Lucado, Eugene Peterson, et al.), and a new introduction by Dr. Miller explaining how he came to write the book and what it means to him. The format of the text itself does not differ from earlier editions and the original drawings are included as well.

The Singer stands as one of those truly great books that give a glimpse of the inexpressible power of the gospel. It is essentially a poetic retelling of the life of Christ, yet it is wholly unique in its presentation. Having just read through it again, I am amazed that such depths can be found in, much less written into, so short a text.

Of course, The Singer was just the first of a trilogy (the other two books being The Song and The Finale), but it is perhaps the most well known and loved of the three. The three books may still be purchased in one paperback volume and I would encourage you to read all of them.

I cannot encourage you enough to read this book. There are times (probably more than we realize) when we need to step outside of the daily grind of existence and immerse ourselves in the tremendous song of salvation that Dr. Miller reveals in this work. I challenge you to read it without feeling, at times, that lump in the back of your throat or the tingle of joy that accompanies any great experience. Buy it. Read it. You will not be sorry you have done so.

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