Gerald Bray’s The Personal God

The Personal God was written a few years back as a response to Clark Pinnock et al’s The Openness of God. Bray’s work is short, but it shows a remarkable precision and depth in responding to the Pinnock and in offering the reader a well-informed and challenging articulation and defense of classical theism. It discusses the charge often brought against classical theism that traditional theology has been held captive by Greek philosophical categories and that our picture of God is therefore skewed. Furthermore, Bray offers an explanation of why Christians believe in God’s immutability, the deity of Christ, and the Trinity.

I found this to be a very challenging and rewarding book. Do not be deceived by its smallness. You will have to take time and work through this book carefully. Bray wastes no words. As an introduction to the current discussions surrounding God’s nature, you will not find a better book.

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