Donald S. Whitney’s Family Worship: In The Bible, In History & In Your Home

I would like to recommend Donald S. Whitney’s Family Worship: In The Bible, In History & In Your Home.  In this short work, Whitney paints a bleak picture of home life within Evangelicalism and supports the picture with compelling and convicting statistical data.  The picture is of Christian families who have neglected the family altar to such an extent that the church eventually loses an alarming percentage of the children of these families when they leave home.  In reaction to this dilemma, Whitney provides a clear exegetical foundation for the family altar, showing that Christian instruction in the home is time and time again called for in Scripture.  He uses a number of compelling illustrations of Christian heroes who practiced family worship even in the midst of busy Christian ministries.  Spurgeon’s example is notable here, and Whitney uses it to great effect.  The book is extremely practical and Whitney addresses a number of questions that readers who have neglected the family altar might have.  He has also produced an audio reading cd that can likewise be purchased through “The Center for Biblical Spirituality.”  This work would be ideal to give as a gift to the families of your church and is priced affordably enough (especially the bulk rates) that this could be done without tremendous financial stress.  Check out Don Whitney’s Family Worship.  Highly recommended.

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