A Quick Note on an Interesting Squabble

i019My friend Eugene Curry sent me Edward Feser’s latest salvo in the fracas between him and David Bentley Hart.  I will not summarize the squabble here because Feser lays out a bit of a timeline in his post.  It is an interesting discussion, and a rather heady one.  I daresay that ego certainly appears to be playing its role on both sides of what is otherwise an insightful exchange.

I am intrigued, however, by Feser’s reference to the “terrorism of obscurantism” and think that is probably a reasonable charge to lay at Hart’s feet.  I am, again, much more familiar with Hart, and have read with great profit his Atheist Delusions and The Doors of the Sea.  That being said, I have been disappointed with Hart on two fronts:  (a) his overly-simplistic skewering of conservative hermeneutics and (b) his (in my opinion) caricaturing of William Lane Craig.  Even so, I appreciate Hart’s work on atheism and theodicy, though he likely does at times traffic in excessive obscurantism.  Here’s the Feser post.

2 thoughts on “A Quick Note on an Interesting Squabble

  1. In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,
    But he who restrains his lips (blog wars) is wise.
    Prayer is infinitely more useful and productive……….seems of late
    that the twitterverse, blog, social media wars are all one big huge sea of
    warring with words. What about supper?
    Thanks for sharing and I have a “new” buzz phrase for my arsenal……
    don’t be a terroristic obscurantist. Thanks Mr. Wyman.

    • Thanks for this John. Well said. I am happy to see that Hart entered the comment stream on the post and the fracas had a welcome conclusion.

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