Ted Roberts’ “Conquer Series”: A Resource for Men Struggling With Sexual Addiction

cslogo_625x225px_300dpiThis morning at 6 a.m. at Central Baptist Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas, twenty men gathered to begin a five week journey through Ted Roberts’ “Conquer Series.”  The series is designed to address issues of sexuality in general and sexual addiction in particular for men.  I am honored to be co-teaching this course with Travis Burns, a dear friend and Central Baptist member.  In promoting this, we made it abundantly clear that this course is not just for men who consider themselves to have a problem and coming to it is not an admission of anything at all.  On the contrary, we asked the men of the church to prayerfully consider coming simply because it is such a massive issue and an area in which lots of men do struggle and any man potentially could.  I am writing to recommend this tremendous resource.

Ted Roberts is a former Marine fighter pilot who served in Vietnam.  He is also a brother in Christ who had to overcome the ensnarement of sexual addiction.  As a result of what God has done in his life, he founded Pure Desire Ministries out of which the Conquer Series has come and from which numerous other resources are offered.  This morning as I watched the first (of five) dvd session, listened to the amazing and encouraging discussion among the men that came, and received feedback as the day went on, I determined that I wanted to draw attention to this very well done and very effective resource.

The dvd sessions are thorough, of impressive production quality, and quite moving.  Ted Roberts’ is an amazing man with a truly transformative ministry and his passion is evident as one observes the Conquer Series.  The approach is not a quick fix and is realistic about how difficult the journey can be for men who are stuck in this addiction, but is ultimately hopeful about the power of Christ to free us.  Roberts is most emphatic that this takes a community of accountability in which men help men to break free.

Conquer-Series-PosterAs a pastor, I have long been alarmed by the number of men who come to me with confessions of sexual addictions.  Please understand:  I am not ashamed of or angry at or confused by these confessions.  It only makes me angry at Satan and his efforts to destroy men.  Rather, I am simply saddened that we have created a church culture in which men do not feel free to confess their struggles in this area until they have gone too far or until they have done serious damage to themselves or their families.  The Church simply must find a way to address these issues in a timely, sophisticated, biblically faithful, Christ honoring, and redemptive way.  To that end, I can think of no better first step than this series.

If you are a pastor or lead a men’s ministry or a small group, I would encourage you to consider this resource.  (By the way, I am NOT being paid to say this!)  Your men will be challenged and encouraged and, ultimately, your church family as well as the families of your men will be strengthened.

2 thoughts on “Ted Roberts’ “Conquer Series”: A Resource for Men Struggling With Sexual Addiction

  1. We completed the first night, signed all registrations with Leader Bob Giles of Faith Family CC.
    Upon reviewing the material, that was very well spelled out and the descriptions of a person in Sexual Addiction very much paralleled that of Heroin Addiction. It appears to me that the process followed a Ne Freudian process with Behavior modification rapped up in it. How would you differ with this description? If at all?

    • Thank you for your comments Chuck. It’s been a while since I was in that material. I’ll have to go back and review. I remember it being helpful at the time.

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