Concerning Sermon Audio

I am currently in the process of constructing an audio archive of past sermons organized by books of the Bible.  You will note a new “Audio Archives” category on the home page.  I will be adding past sermon audio consistently to this category until I am finished…but it’s a good many sermons and will take a while.

Some of these sermons go back to my pastorate at Stonecrest Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA (1998-2002).  I’m struck by how much higher my voice sounds in these sermons and how much more quickly I spoke at that time.  The bulk of the sermons, at this point, will, obviously, be from Dawson, GA, where I pastored for almost 9 years.  And, of course, I will be weekly adding my Central Baptist sermons as well.

I will also be adding a “This Week’s Sermon Audio” link to the “Sermons” post under “About the Richardsons.”

Just a little update on the ongoing project to get the new site up to speed.

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