An Uncanny Development in the James Leo Garrett, Jr. Project

265104Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary started posting old chapel audio earlier this week. Fascinatingly, they posted an October 11, 1957 chapel sermon from James Leo Garrett, Jr. that just so happens to be chapter 2 of the forthcoming Collected Writings of James Leo Garrett, Jr., 1950-2015. Here is the audio.

One thought on “An Uncanny Development in the James Leo Garrett, Jr. Project

  1. Thanks for this slice of True historical impact from a time when the church needed desperately to be “awakened” from a slumbering time of pragmatism and a social emphasis that needed more light and not JUST a little more heat or passion for the gospel locally and abroad. So glad to hear him emphasize the need for the will to yield and that without gimmick……..a gimmick free surrender is indispensable in any local assembly and the call to prayer are truly encouraging to us all. Sure miss the older guardians of biblical gospel emphasis that still have much to teach us kids. Growing up is tough; not doing so is far worse. Thank you Wyman for sharing a simple clarion call to get moving once again with or without “other” groups marching to the same tune. Obedience to the Cross of Christ and embracing it fully leaves no room for easy discipleship.

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